CleanMyPC Full Crack Download [Activation]

CleanMyPC Full Crack Download [Activation]


CleanMyPC Full Crack Download [Activation]


CleanMyPC Full Crack Available for Windows 10, 8, and 7 users and priced at just $39.95 for a single-PC license, is a simple to use, lightweight piece of software for cleaning unwanted files from your computer, optimizing Windows start, and ensuring your PC runs smoothly. The program is made up of eight tools, including a disk cleaner, registry “fixer,” a secure file deletion tool, and an uninstaller.

Throughout this review, you’ll see that I found the software both easy to use and effective. It cleaned up more than 5GB of useless files from my PC and fixed more than 100 registry issues in a matter of minutes. Aimed at users who want an all-in-one solution to keeping their PC fresh, CleanMyPC incorporates many existing Windows tools and builds on them to offer a non-technical and straightforward option for computer maintenance.

We’ve also tested another maintenance tool made for Mac users, even from. I called it the best cleaning app” out there. Today, I’ll be taking a look at CleanMyPC, the Windows-based alternative, to see whether MacPaw can replicate that success for PC users.

What Is MacPaw CleanMyPC  Crack Download [Activation?

CleanMyPC Crack Download is a suite of tools designed to help you clean up unwanted files from your PC and ensure it continues running smoothly and quickly.

While the main attraction is its “cleaning” service, a scan of the computer for any unwanted files that may be taking up space, it offers eight tools in total, including a facility for cleaning up your PC’s registry, an uninstaller tool, options for managing auto-run settings, and a browser extension manager.

Is CleanMyPC Free?

No, it isn’t. While there is a free trial, and it’s free to download, you will be limited to a one-time 500mb clean up and up to 50 items fixed in your registry. The free trial should be viewed as a demo than a free version, as most users will hit those limits almost immediately. If you do want to go beyond the free trial, you’ll need to purchase a license. It’s available for $39.95 for a single-PC, $59.95 for two, or $89.95 for the “Family Pack” with codes for five computers.

Is CleanMyPC Safe?

Yes, it is. I downloaded the program from the developer’s website and have had no issues after installing it on two separate PCs. Nothing has been flagged as malware or a virus, and I’ve had no compatibility issues with any other software. CleanMyPC should be pretty safe for you to use, too. It won’t delete anything vital from your PC, and it gives you a chance to change your mind before you delete anything at all. I’ve experienced no issues with the program removing anything that it shouldn’t. It’s worth saying that it always pays to take a little care to make sure you’re not accidentally removing anything important.

I would like to see the incorporation of an alert to backup your registry before running the registry cleaner, however. It’s a feature that has a remote part of CCleaner, a rival product to CleanMyPC, and it offers a little more security and peace of mind when dealing with something so vital to your computer as the registry. Likewise, a bit more detail about what exact files are being deleted during a cleanup would be welcome, if only to remove all doubt about what’s being done.


CleanMyPC Full Crack Download [Activation]


CleanMyPC vs CCleaner

For several years now, I’ve been a big fan of CCleaner, a disk cleanup tool from Piriform (later acquired by Avast) that I use personally on my PCs and recommend to friends and family. A little later on in this review, I’ll show you a comparison of the disk cleaning tools within CleanMyPc and CCleaner, but those aren’t the only similarities that the tools share. Both programs also include a registry cleaner (again, compared further down the page), a browser plugin manager, an autorun program organizer, and an uninstaller tool. For the most part, the tools on offer from each are very similar – they function in a very same way and produce comparable results. CCleaner has some nice added extras that I feel could improve CleanMyPC, such as scheduled cleanups, disk monitoring, and a disk analyzer. Still, I’d be lying if I told you that I’d used any of those additional tools with any regularity. Take a look at my results in the rest of the review and decide for yourself which of these tools is right for you. CCleaner does, for me, have the fringe in terms of the number of options and customizability available. Still, it’s undeniable that CleanMyPC is more user-friendly and probably a better choice for less advanced users.

Alternatives to CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is good, but it might not be for everyone. While it is easy to use and offers an all-in-one approach to PC maintenance, many people won’t need or use all of the features available, and some might instead look for more in-depth versions of a particular function. If CleanMyPC doesn’t take your fancy, here are three alternatives which provide similar functionality :

  • CCleaner– Developed by Piriform, CCleaner offers a very identical cleanup and registry fixing service. The surcharge version adds scheduling, support, and real-time monitoring.
  • Glarry – A suite of tools from Glarysoft, Glary Utilities offers many of the same features while also adding disk defragmentation, driver backups, and malware protection.
  • System Claiming to provide a 229-point diagnostic check of your PC, this software offers several tools for cleaning your disk, speeding up your computer, and boosting performance.

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